Dermatology Foundation of South Florida

The Dermatology Foundation of South Florida is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1957 to foster and
support medical and dermatology research, education and charitable endeavors. The Foundation is committed to contributing to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge and clinical research in dermatology and medicine and the development of future scholars and teachers.

Our Mission

  • To foster, encourage and support cutting edge medical and dermatology research.
  • To fund the establishment of research labs to support dermatology and related research endeavors that have the potential to make significant contributions to dermatology and medicine.
  • To establish or endow professional chairs of medicine, in any or all of its branches at recognized institutions of higher learning or hospitals to support physician scientists and investigators engaged in medical and dermatology research.
  • To grant awards for outstanding contributions to medical and dermatology research or humanitarian projects that have the potential to improve access to healthcare and enhance patients’ quality of life
  • To grant full or partial scholarships, loans or other aid to promising scientists, students in medicine and physician scientists.
  • To donate special equipment to medical schools, hospitals or foundations to enhance education, scientific investigation and/or the delivery of patient care.
  • To support initiatives to advance dermatology education and dissemination of information about skin disease.
  • To fund, support and otherwise contribute to the cost of providing dermatology care to indigent patients.


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